Matt and Robyn  Visit and Update-Feb. 4

Corrrection-Time Change!–The meeting will start at 12 noon instead of 10:30.

Matt and Robyn  will be visiting Albuquerque January 29-February 4th.  They will be giving an update on their work in the middle east at Grace on Sunday,  February 4th at 10:30 am-12:00 Noon- Room 12.  All are welcome!




International Student Ministry, ISI

Save these Dates and Pray For:

  • Jan 2 – Welcome Center Set up
  • Jan 3-12 Welcome Center Open for new student services, 9-4
  • Meals needed each day– use this link to sign up:  https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/k9gnqz  
  • Welcome Party Hosts needed – Jan 6, 12 or 13, 19 or 20.

As always we encourage all volunteers & friendship partners to find ways to link up with new students at the beginning of the semester.  Join us at lunch any day you are available 12:15-1:30 or at a Welcome Party or just hang out at the Welcome Center some afternoon. Contact Joan at ISIABQ@isionline.org or 505-238-6064 (text is OK).



Special Needs





Missionary Updates:

Missions News Archives

GET INVOLVED! Current News and Opportunities–Pray–Act–Give


International Students Ministry


To Learn More about how you can help, contact:  Laurel Edenburn, (505)869-2911;    Maclovia1855@aol.com
or go to ISI Albuquerque’s Website


Special Needs Ministry-Albuquerque


To Learn More about how you can help, contact: Gil Silva – 505 710-3010  or
Liz Silva – 505 710-8154              


Special Needs Ministry-Peru


To Learn More about how you can help, contact:  Paul Faculjak, 505-823-9686;  Fax: 505-823-2150;
Email: pfaculjak@joniandfriends.org


Southern Gond


To Learn More about how you can help, contact:
Randy Nederhoff, (505)440-2722;       


All gifts that are directed toward specific ministries, projects,  or individuals need to be designated as such.  For information on how to designate your gift please call the church office:  (505) 821-8800.   General Information on Giving.


International Students


Special Needs Ministry

Contact:     Paul Faculjak,  505-823-9686;  Fax: 505-823-2150; Email: pfaculjak@joniandfriends.org


Southern Gond

Choose a project below and designate a gift for:
  • Bore wells to provide clean water to Gond villages
  • Church construction
  • Sewing training centers to equip Gond women with an income generating skill
  • Jesus Film & Hope Giver projectors
  • Disciple Makers Training
  • Pastor/evangelist motorcycles
  • Vacation bible schools
  • Printing, materials & travel


For more information on these or other Gond projects contact:

Randy Nederhoff, (505)440-2722;

About Grace Missions

Grace Church was founded in 1939 as a Missions supporting church. From that very first day until now Grace has actively supported mission activities, evangelism of  people groups, and missionaries. Currently, we focus on three ministry areas:


The Southern Gond of south-central India;

Special needs families and individuals in the Albuquerque area and in Peru; and

International students at the University of New Mexico.


In addition, we financially support 18 full-time missionaries, many serving around the world.


Grace maintains contact, prayer support, and special needs with our missionaries by means of our Missions Committee. The Missions committee oversees the missions budget for Grace Church. Any Grace Church member is able to serve on the committee.


The Missions committee meets on the second Sunday of even numbered months at 12:00 in classroom 11.


In 2012, Grace Church raised the funds to build an orphanage in India.  Click here to see pictures of orphanage construction progress.

The Southern Gond Ministry–(A Primary Focus Ministry)
Reaching the Southern Gond
Grace Church adopted the Southern Gond people in 2004. There are one to two million Southern Gonds in India. They are an unreached people group who worship spirits. The Gond live in small villages
and live by farming, hunting, gathering and as domestic laborers.  Grace Church is helping to reach the Gond by partnering with an effective ministry and team led by P. an C. of India.
Our Vision for the Southern Gond
Ultimately we see the Southern Gond people group of India transformed by God from unreached to reached, that is, transformed into a self-propagating community of Christ-following believers.  Until then, we see God using many Gondchildrenbelievers through various means and partnerships leading Gondi individuals, families and villages to Christ and building God’s church among them.

In 2012, Grace Church raised the funds to build an orphanage in India.   Click here to see pictures of the orphanage construction progress.

Get Involved–How to Help Reach the Southern Gond:
Pray for:
  •   Women’s Bible training for the Madia Gonds;
  •   Church planting among the Koya Gond in 69 villages;
  •   Strong faith and protection from the Naxalite terrorists;
  •   Completion of the Jesus Film in Gondi and showing in villages.


Choose a project below and designate a gift for:
  • Bore wells
  • Church construction
  • Sewing training centers
  • Jesus Film & Hope Giver projectors
  • Disciple Makers Training
  • Pastor/evangelist motorcycles
  • Vacation bible schools
  • Printing, materials & travel
  •   Participate in and give support to short term trips including medical camps & teaching opportunities.
To Learn More about how you can help, contact:
Randy Nederhoff, (505)440-2722
Special Needs Ministry–(A Primary Focus Ministry)

13_WFTW_PERU2_0463_jpg_280x280_crop-smart_q85People with special needs are one of the largest unreached groups in the entire world. Jesus had great compassion for those living with special needs, and sickness, offering them healing and hope. Grace Church’s mission to the special needs community has two major parts – one local and one international.  Locally, we want to serve people with special needs and their families, partnering with Joni and Friends–Albuquerque.   We also serve the residents of the Albuquerque Rehab Center. Internationally, we have partnered with Joni and Friends for Wheels for the World  and Corazones Unidos PERU in reaching out to the special needs community in Peru.


Our Vision – To equip believers to welcome people with any type of special need, whether physical or developmental, to be included and accepted in the church community.


Some ways to serve include:
•Volunteering at Family Retreats  (Video Highlights — Family Retreat July 2016)
• Offering respite for caregivers
• Volunteering at Jeremiah’s Place or at a church special needs event
• Giving your talent, time, and treasure to help those who work at outreach events locally and in Peru


To Learn More about how you can help, for local outreach contact:

Gil Silva – 505 710-3010 or  Liz Silva – 505 710-8154


For Peru Outreach contact:
Reid Warner, (505)232-7700 Ext.  3
Luke 14@gracechurchabq.org

International Student Ministry–(A Primary Focus Ministry)

iniGrace Church’s mission to International Students encourages local believers to minister to people from all over the world without having to leave home or learn a language.  Jesus told us to show hospitality to strangers and what better way to share His love than to befriend these students.  By partnering with International Students, Inc., we can serve these incoming students in a wide variety of ways, share the Good News, and influence these future world leaders.


Our Vision – To see a significant number of people at Grace Church become actively involved with international students and communicate the gospel to them when possible.


Some ways to serve include:
• Volunteering time or meals at the Welcome Center
• Providing airport pick-up and temporary home stays
• Helping with Bible Studies
• Sharing meals, holidays, and activities
• Being a friend to a stranger in a strange land


To Learn More about how you can help, contact:  

Laurel Edenburn, (505)869-2911;     IStudents@gracechurchabq.org

Community Evangelism & Discipleship: Missionary and Ministry Profiles

Joni and Friends—Albuquerque – Led by Paul and Debbie Faculjak
Joni and Friends advances disability ministry to provide outreach to thousands of families affected by disability around the globe. They communicate the Gospel and equip Christian churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.Their ministries include: Wheels for the World; Family Retreats; Christian Institute on Disability; and Church Relations.

Bob & Claudia Adame – The Navigators, Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Adames minister to “At-risk youth” and their families in the Albuquerque area through weekly Bible clubs, summer camp, one-on-one mentoring, home hospitality, discipleship, tutoring, and leadership training.They also train and mentor other Navigator staff to become more effective in the work.The Adames attended Grace Church in the past. They currently attend a church that is culturally relevant to the lifestyle of the kids to whom they minister. They have 4 boys – Marcos, Tony, David, and Jonathan.

Debbie Woodard – InFaith, Socorro, New Mexico

Debbie is an area missionary with the American Missionary Fellowship, seeking to evangelize, congregate, and disciple people for the Lord Jesus Christ. She organizes Bible Clubs in public schools, in parks, homes, and in the chapel in her backyard. She also works in Vacation Bible Schools and at retreats.


A special joy of her ministry is being the coordinator for National Day of Prayer activities in Socorro County. She also enjoys one-on-one ministry.


Grace Church has supported Debbie and her husband, Dennis Woodard (who died in 1998) since the 70’s. Dennis was a friend of Pastor Edwin Shepperson since childhood.

Cross-Cultural Resource Development: Missionary and Ministry Profiles

Colleen Boyd -Wycliffe Bible Translators, New Mexico

Colleen has been in New Mexico for 20 years and has enjoyed the preaching, teaching, fellowship, and prayer support at Grace for several years.


She is the Wycliffe director for North American translation projects. She works on administration and team management and visits teams to encourage, strategize, discuss project funding, and pray for the Lord’s leading in all that is done.


Colleen has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Bob & Carol Chaney – Wycliffe Bible Translators, Dallas, Texas

As Special Projects Director of SIL International’s International Publishing Services (IPS) Department, Bob is helping to develop a system for posting Wycliffe translated New Testaments on the internet. He continues to support and assist the new IPS Director in assuming the responsibilities and duties Bob previously held in that position.


Carol is assisting the Director of the International Museum of Cultures by cataloguing the artifacts from field branches worldwide.


Carol began attending Grace Church as a young child. She was present the second Sunday meetings were held in the building on Cedar Street, and continued until she went to college. Bob and Carol have been missionaries of Grace Church since 1953.

Faith Comes by Hearing
Faith Comes by Hearing, located in Albuquerque, puts the New Testament in a dramatized, aural format on a variety of media such as the proclaimer (pictured), MP3 sticks, and an internet version called Bible.Is. Many people do not have a written language, so aural formats are the only way they can experience the New Testament in their mother tongue. FCBH plans to make the New Testament available in every language where an aural format is needed.  Grace Church has partnered with FCBH in the past on the Southern Bukidnon Manobo New Testament and military bible sticks. We plan to work with them to put the New Testament in Southern Gondi when a translation is available.

Donna–Literature Translation
Donna’s major role is that of trainer – providing incoming people from all over the world with orientation which will help them adjust to life and work in North Eurasia.


As a translation consultant, she works with certain teams to check their translated material for accuracy, thus helping prepare it for publication,  and as librarian she provides the workers in the area with non-digital books and reference materials.


Donna attended Grace in the mid-1970’s during her early years working on translation.

Tom & Lorie Leger – GoodSeed International, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

Tom’s primary role is to communicate with other ministries, pastors and missionaries about the resources that GoodSeed develops for teaching the gospel in the context of the full Biblical story. The materials are written for various ages and various religious backgrounds. Tom sets up and goes to conferences to interact with Christian workers and teach seminars about the Gospel.


Lorie is the daughter of John and Lena Neufeld. She grew up at Grace Church and she and Tom were married by Edwin Shepperson in May 1982.

Georgalyn Wilkinson – Gospel Literature International, Alta Loma, California
As president of GLINT, Georgalyn is “keeper of the vision.” GLINT provides resources for Christian publishers worldwide in producing effective Bible-teaching curriculum, discipleship materials, and other Christian literature in international languages, with the goal of making disciples, developing godly Christian leaders, and building up God’s church.


Grace Church has supported Georgalyn since the late ’50s when she and her late husband David (son of Janet Wilkinson) were called to the Pacific Rim.

Cross-Cultural Leadership Development: Missionary and Ministry Profiles

Scott & Beth Cunningham – Serving with Overseas Council (on loan from SIM)
Scott’s primary ministry is facilitating quality, evangelical leadership development at 100 centers in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe. He conducts week-long Institutes for Excellence.


Scott’s formative teenage years, including his decision to go to Dallas Seminary and enter vocational ministry, were shaped through the ministry of the leadership and members of Grace Church in the late 60s and early 70s. Scott and Beth have three boys – Scott, Marc, and Micah.

Nate and Ruth Ann Purtzer – Foundation for Christian Discipleship – Guatemala
Nate and Ruth Ann attended Grace Church from 2007 to 2011. They have four children: Silas, Shiloh, and Eve. Nate teaches Biblical languages and exegesis at the Central American Theological Seminary in Guatemala.

Katherine Schwab – Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, Florida
Katherine currently serves with Bridges International: an initiative within CCC focused on reaching international students and scholars studying in the US. This initiative focuses on reaching students from four main regions around the world: Japan, Mainland China, India and the Middle East. The goal is to present Christ to these future leaders, build them in their faith and equip them to go back to their respective countries as ambassadors of the Christ.


Katherine’s specific role is helping to give direction nationally in the effort to reach students from the Middle East studying here in the US.


Katherine is a graduate of UNM and has been on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ since 1982. She attended Grace Church while a student at the university.

Glen & Joy — Asia
Our condolences and prayers continue to go out to the Riddle family in the loss of Glen and for Joy’s recovery.  Glen and Joy were in ministry fulltime since 2002. Their mission was to assist the Church, primarily in the establishment of continuing, indigenous Church-based Training Centers in which servant-leaders were equipped to develop growing and reproducing churches.


Glen had two responsibilities:
(1) Write courses for use in Asia.  (2) Facilitate courses with students in those countries.


We will miss Glenn tremendously.

Mike & Helen Wicker – Campus Crusade for Christ, Africa & Middle East
The Wickers have been serving in leadership development in Southern Africa since 1978. They work with Africa Leadership & Management Academy (ALMA) and International Leadership Foundation (ILF) from international headquarters in Orlando.


Their primary focus is to train leaders in the AFRICAME (Africa, Central Asia & Middle East) region, applying Christian principles for the spiritual transformation of individuals, organizations, and society. They also seek to evangelize business leaders through business outreach forums.


Mike & Helen have been members of Grace Church for the past 20 years. They spent an extended time in Albuquerque twice during that time while Mike was attending UNM. They have three children – Julia, Michael, and Susanna.

Cross-Cultural Evangelism & Discipleship: Missionary and Ministry Profiles

Corazones Unidos PERU – Led by Elizabeth Takury – Lima Peru
Corazones is an evangelistic ministry that helps to restore and integrate  people with speecial needs into society, as well as help improve their quality of life.  Corazones conducts many programs and activities for families and individuals affected by disability:  sign language training, training for the blind, family visits, counseling, meals and education for children of disabled parents, and work programs for disabled adults.


Corazones partners with Joni & Friends and a team from Grace Church to provide wheelchairs to  people with special needs in Lima Peru.

Ben & Diane Blackwell – Bridges International, Denver, Colorado
The Blackwells work directly with International students helping them with spiritual, social, educational, legal, physical adjustments to life in US. They present the gospel through relationships with interested students, using a variety of venues – International Friends Information table, conversation help, Wednesday Lunch Forum, cultural nights, host family program, and weekend activities.


They also provide leadership bible study and training classes for Christian International students to take on the role of being an ambassador for Christ when they return to their country.


Diane attended Grace for 3 years while studying at UNM. She and Ben were married at Grace on Jan. 24, 1981.They have 4 children – Cara, Nathan, Micah, and Jesse.

Mary Dumas – Rivers of Mercy, Juarez, Mexico
Mary serves as Grandmother at the Rivers of Mercy Orphanage in Juarez.

International Students, INC
ISI serves international students at the University of New Mexico by providing a welcome center, airport pickups, brief home stays, apartment hunting, friendship partners, Thanksgiving dinners, a furniture give-away and many other activities.

Josh Meares – Mission Enablers International
Josh works with refugees and others in Indonesia on a variety of issues including community development, anti-trafficking, and disaster preparedness.

Paul and Annie – INIM, New Delhi, India
Paul and Annie founded the INIM, which has grown to a large campus housing an orphanage, Grace College, and the Cohen school.


Many graduates of Grace College are serving throughout South Asia and the Middle East. INIM supports them for 3 years, after which they become self-supporting.


Grace has supported Paul and Annie since the 1970’s.

Paul & Caroline – OMAP of Southern India
Paul and Caroline direct OMAP, which exists for the primary purpose of educating men and women to reach unreached peoples through a process of training and sending into the field. They both teach in the training programs.


OMAP also provides education and care for destitute orphans and other children at the Haven of Hope Orphanage and schools throughout the region. They seek to show parental love to the Haven children, providing direction and discipline. They also nurture the staff and develop their gifts, equipping them for their tasks.


Paul grew up in India with his parents who were supported by Grace for 50 years. Caroline is a native of India. They have three daughters – Serena, Sahana, and Sumana.


Missions policy
(PDF Download)


Gond Adoption
In 2004, Grace Church adopted the Gond, who are an unreached people group in southern India. To learn more about the Gond People, please download our Perspectives Project: The Southern Gond of India (PFD Download)


Grace Church Perspective on Missions

(PowerPoint Download)


Missions History Outline

(DOC Download)



Grace Church offers plenty of parking and three convenient ways to enter our campus, from San Antonio Drive, from Santa Monica Avenue, and from Louisiana Boulevard. Our parking lot wraps around our building. Once you are on campus, follow the signs through the courtyard and into our Worship Center. Once inside, our Children’s Church is down the hall to the right. Be sure to stop by our cafe to make connections over coffee and pastry.


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