By using free Christian reading materials and audio/video media, the church body will be equipped to share and defend the good news about Jesus Christ, be encouraged in living a life pleasing to God, and will be enriched in daily Christian living. Materials shall be relevant and current, easy to find, accessible for use, and available in a pleasant, attractive setting.

The library is located next to the church office. Anytime the church is open, the library is open except when there is a meeting/class going on in the room.

WHAT– New or used books in good repair, magazine subscriptions, CDs, DVDs, or monetary donations are acceptable. Since our library specializes in all aspects of Christian needs and interests, all media should be specifically “Christian” in content. Please donate audio tapes and video tapes to the Goodwill store.



1)  Search the online data base under “Find and Get Media” tab to determine which items are already in the collection.

2)  Make cash donations–checks to be payable to “Grace Church” with “Library” on the memo line.

3)  Duplicates can be donated to Christian Resources International.  Go to .


WHEN– Materials published in the last 10 years are preferable, unless they are classics.


WHERE– Leave donated items in the library in the “Donation” bin.


WHO – All donations become the property of Grace Church.


WHY Are Some Items Not Used – We may remove, sell, trade, donate, or destroy any media that do not meet library criteria.

In Honor of/in Memory of an Individual – These items should include special instructions listing the names of donor and honoree which will be included on a bookplate on the item recognizing the donor and the honoree.


New Books Donation – To help build collections in “needy” categories, lists are posted in the library. Sign up for one or more books on the list by filling out a donation envelope and including a check for the designated amount. The item will include a bookplate naming the donor and honoree.


When Items Duplicate Those in the Grace Collection – Christian Resources International (CRI) provides free used Christian literature worldwide to groups and individuals who are unable to obtain these resources. Used books may be shipped to them (they ask for a $1 donation per pound to cover shipping costs that they incur). Individuals may also ship directly overseas through CRI’s “Bare Your Bookshelf” program. Go to .


Check the online data base which is updated regularly.  Go to  Check online .


SEARCH by entering author or title in the box and clicking “Submit .”




SORT any column by placing your cursor on the column heading and clicking once.  Reverse the order by clicking again on the column heading.  Scroll down.

Note:  The small gray arrow in the column heading shows the order of the sort.



1.   To sort by author’s last name (A through Z), place your cursor on “Author” and click once.

2.   To sort in reverse order (Z through A), place your cursor on “Author” and click.

NOTE:    A hard copy media list is kept in the library, but it is only reprinted yearly.



Instructions are posted at the end of the free-standing bookcase in the library.



1.   Select your book, CD, DVD, or kit.
2.   Take a check-out card from the card bin and fill out the card completely.
3.   Place the check-out card in the space on the shelf where you removed the item.



1.   Place the item back on the shelf.
2.   Mark the “date returned” on the check-out card.
3.   Replace the check-out card in the card bin.



Grace Church offers plenty of parking and three convenient ways to enter our campus, from San Antonio Drive, from Santa Monica Avenue, and from Louisiana Boulevard. Our parking lot wraps around our building. Once you are on campus, follow the signs through the courtyard and into our Worship Center. Once inside, our Children’s Church is down the hall to the right. Be sure to stop by our cafe to make connections over coffee and pastry.


FIND US: 6901 San Antonio DR NE | Albuquerque NM 87109 | Get Directions >> 505.821.8800 |

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