Project NEXT is our new Mission, Vision, Values & Strategy for the next five years. It is built on who we are and have been as a church, and it helps guide us toward the future of Grace Church. We asked ourselves where God is taking us, and how and who he is asking us to serve.

In 2015, we developed a collection of eight attributes we wanted to see at Grace Church: connection, service, discipleship, intergenerational connection, worship, youth, risk and evangelism. We called this Movement 2020. Out of that, we developed a fuller picture, based on practical steps (a strategy) we wanted to take to get there. Project NEXT is the result of an intentional, prayerful effort between our pastors, staff, elders and congregation. We are excited about this collective vision for Grace Church, and we believe you will be too.

We invite you to watch Pastor Edwin talk about Project NEXT in the video below, and to download your own copy of the Project NEXT frame to follow along. You will also find each of our scriptural references in another link below.


Download your own Project NEXT vision frame. (Project NEXT Frame)

See our Scripture list for Project NEXT. (Scripture References for Project NEXT)