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Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers   III John 2


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Listen to the August 21st sermon from John 5:1-17  – “Do you wish to get well?” by Pastor Randy Burden here 

• Teach, preach and model the biblical concepts of wholeness, health and wellness in the Body of Christ and community

• Integrate a biblical health and wellness culture into the church and the lives of individual believers

• Reach others with the holistic gospel of Christ

Jesus taught, proclaimed the gospel, and healed every kind of disease and sickness (physical, mental, spiritual)… and he sent out his followers to do the same (Mt 4:23; Lk 9:2, 10:9; Mk16:15-17).  God cares about our spirit, mind and body and as his followers we bring that message and ministry to the church and community it serves.


We Love Others as We Love Ourselves

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit (I Cor 6:19-20).  As such we should care for our whole being (spirit, mind and body) in a way that honors God.  As we care for and love ourselves, we are more able to better serve and “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mat 22:36-39).  Health and wellness classes, programs and events are designed to help you in this journey.


God gave Gifts for Service in the Church

The gifts of healings and helps (I Cor 12:28) imply the act of “hands on” therapy and helping the sick and infirm. There is a role and calling for wellness ministers in today’s church to teach, preach, model and minister wholeness.  The gifts of healings and helps are important in the church today and are integral to the ongoing work of God and the Health & Wellness ministry of Grace Church.

Health & Wellness News and Events

Don & Glyndon Hossink are hosting a Daniel Plan study again this spring, starting February 9th.  You are welcome to sign up ( and come.  Invite others to sign up too.  However, space is somewhat limited at their house.


This twelve-week video/book-based study from Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hyman is centered on five essentials that will launch your journey to health: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends. This study teaches simple ways to incorporate healthy choices into your daily lifestyle. As Dr. Mark Hyman says, “Community is the cure” for healthy living. Please join us for this Health and Wellness class led by Don Hossink, email or 453-0881.

The study guide is available for $10.00. The companion Book “The Daniel Plan – 40 days to a Healthier Life” can be purchased for $15.00 on Please bring your books to the study.


  • Session 1: Faith: Nurturing Your Soul
  • Session 2: Food: Enjoying God’s Abundance
  • Session 3: Fitness: Strengthening Your Body
  • Session 4: Focus: Renewing Your Mind
  • Session 5: Friends: Encouraging Each Other
  • Session 6: Living the Lifestyle

Please click on the tabs below to check out all of the news and events happening in the Health & Wellness Ministry

Million Hearts News

Grace Church now one of “100 Congregations for Million Hearts”!  Grace church is part of the national CDC/CMS sponsored “Million Hearts” initiative to help prevent one million strokes and heart attacks by 2017.  For more information about Million Hearts go to

Events for 2016

September 2016 “Guard Your Heart Conference”

 If you missed the conference or you want to hear the sessions again click on the link for each topic/speaker!


YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION  Bambi Bevill-MPH, CHES, is the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Coordinator at New Mexico Department of Health with a National Initiative to prevent a million heart attacks and strokes.


HEALTH & WELLNESS-TEN STEPS TO BETTER HEALTH  Randy W. Burden-PharmD, MDiv, PhC, CLS, FNLA, is a clinician specializing in chronic disease management and Pastor of Health & Wellness at Grace Church.


EAT TO LIVE…NOT LIVE TO EAT Maureen Maher-MS, RD, CSP, is a dietitian with 20+ years experience counseling clients about healthy eating, weight loss and gastrointestinal issues.


STRESS MAKES YOU STUPID  Kurt L. Johnson-LCSW, is a psychotherapist specializing in depression and anxiety issues.


GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER Randy W. BurdenPharmD, MDiv, PhC, CLS, FNLA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Ping Pong Night at Grace

Join Don Hossink for an evening of ping pong the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at Grace Church from 6:30-8:30.  For more details contact Don at

Health & Wellness Media

We have LOTS of resources for you on many topics concerning Health & Wellness. Click on the tabs below to access them.


Stroke Prevention

The following is a class on stroke and heart attack prevention presented by the H&W Ministry at Grace.  For more information about Million Hearts go to  If you missed the class or want to hear it again, click on the following link:

Stroke and Heart Attack Prevention

Do you wish to get well?

Listen to the August 21st sermon from John 5:1-17  – “Do you wish to get well?” by Pastor Randy Burden here


Back to the Garden

Back to the Garden Back to the Garden: BE MADE WHOLE!”  – Pastor Randy Burden fall 2014

Fall 2015 Be Made Whole class audio


Be Made Whole Class – Winter of 2015 “Be Made Whole!” – a class designed to utilize Biblical concepts along with current medical and fitness insights in order to equip Christians with the tools needed in their journey towards spiritual, mental and physical wellness.  Click on the tab below for a link to recorded classes.  For more information contact Randy Burden at

Class 1 Recording – The focus and ministry of Jesus and his followers

Class 2 Recording – Do you want to be made well?

Class 3 Recording – The Father and the Son are working today!

Class 4 Recording – The Word is Working

Class 5 Recording – Faith – the beginning of the journey

Class 6 Recording – Infertility pt 1  the first health issue in he Bible. These talks are about physical, mental and spiritual infertility

Class 7 Recording – Infertility pt 2

Class 8 Recording – Infertility pt 3

Class 9 Recording -Infertility pt 4

Class 10 Recording – Infertility pt 5

Class 12 Recording – Infertility pt 7

Class 13 Recording – Infertility pt 8

Doctor-to-Doctor Program

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) produces a faith based healthcare program that airs on TBN called Doctor to Doctor and features doctors with various backgrounds from all over the US.  Our Health and Wellness Minister, Dr. Randy Burden has spoken on several of these programs about the following healthcare issues:


  • Sodium and the Healthy Diet
  • Obesity Management
  • Glorifying God by Caring for the Body
  • Anticoagulation Therapy
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risks and Prevention of Heart Disease
  • Management and Prevention of Hypertension
  • Management of Heart Failure
  • Management of Cholesterol


You can access these programs at the following webpage: Once you get to that webpage, there is a search box in the upper right hand corner. In the search box type in”Dr. Randy Burden”, then you will be directed to the next page that has boxes on the right side of the screen with an arrow in them. If you hover over the boxes you will see his name listed and the topic. Click on the arrow to view the program. The program is 30 minutes in length and formatted to feature 3 speakers with 3 different topics, so you need to fast forward to the 8 min segment he is presenting unless you care to watch the entire program.

Workshop recordings

Launching a Healthier YOU: Mind, Body and Spirit Workshop, February 22, 2014 (recording below)


Workshop audio part 1:


Workshop audio part 2:

Please check our webpage throughout the year for upcoming events!

Sermons & Articles

Sermons and Teachings

August 21st, 2016 sermon from John 5:1-17  – “Do you wish to get well?” Pastor Randy Burden here


Back to the Garden Back to the Garden: BE MADE WHOLE!”  – Pastor Randy Burden fall 2014






You are the Salt and Light of the World – Don Hossink



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