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After four great years, the Faith and Reason Seminars held at Grace Church have come to a close.  PowerPoint files from those seminars can still be found below under Past Seminars.  Although no longer at Grace Church, the seminars will continue as Science and Faith Seminars at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science (NMMNHS) on the second Friday of even numbered months, except December, at 7:00 PM and at the Christian Student Center (CSC) near the northwest corner of Central and Girard.  The first CSC seminar will be held on July 8th at 7:00 PM with the complete schedule to be determined.  The objective of these seminars is to lay a solid foundation of reason and evidence for Christian faith and to explore the interaction between science and Christianity.

Apr 08   Young-Old Earth Debate NMMNHS
Jun 10   Christianity and the Constitution NMMNHS
Jul 08   Introduction to Science & Faith and Design in Biology CSC
Aug 12   Old Testament Historicity NMMNHS
Oct 14   New Testament Historicity NMMNHS


We are available to give seminars to groups at other locations. Each session is designed to be one to two hours long with roughly half presentation and half discussion. Sessions can be presented individually or combined for retreats and workshops.


For more information contact: Mike Edenburn – – 505-869-2911

2014-01-12  Faith, Reason & Theistic World View 

2014-03-09  Science and Faith

2014-07-13  Evidence for Design: Earth & Solar System

2014-09-14  Evidence for Cosmic Design

2015-01-11  Design in Biology


Journey Inside the Cell


2015-03-08  Problems with Evolution

Cambrian Explosion 1

Cambrian Explosion 2

2015-07-12  Introduction to Intelligent Design

2015-09-13  Old Testament Reliability

2015-11-08 New Testament Reliability

2016-01-10 Young-Old Earth Debate (Young Earth) (Old Earth)

Faith & Reason References

From the Middle Ages to the middle of the nineteenth century, the common belief in the western world was that God had created everything and that there was purpose in His creation. But, in the middle of the nineteenth century, a different world-view, a materialistic world-view, began to gain momentum. Materialism had been around since the time of the Greek philosophers, but advances in understanding of how the universe worked and the Darwinian theory of evolution appeared to give credibility to the idea (materialism) that all things can be reduced to matter, energy, and physical laws. Under this world-view, there was no need for a creator. God did not exist. There was no absolute standard for morality. In fact, the materialists? goal was to destroy the foundations of theism. This goal is alive and active today.According to the materialists, faith and reason are mutually exclusive. Reason is based on reality and science is the only reliable means for determining that reality. Faith is a matter of personal preference that has nothing to do with reality. The Church, to a great extent, accepted the separation of faith and reason and, in so doing, gave up the intellectual high ground it once held. As a result, materialism became the predominant world-view in the universities that were once Christian institutions, and from there, the materialistic world-view spread throughout public education and other institutions.


Faced with the materialist’s goal of destroying the foundations of theism, Christians must decide on a course of action. One course is continued acquiescence to the idea of separation between faith and reason. The other course is fighting back with the evidence that faith and reason are a unified whole and the basis for understanding reality. The second course is more difficult. It will require church leaders, Christian educators, parents, and young adults to get at least a basic education in the evidence that proclaims the reality that God exists and is the creator of all things, that the Bible is reliable, and that putting our faith in and glorifying Him is both natural and reasonable. The evidence is strong. This series of seminars will present it.

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